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Two Rock Un SD |  AR  4200  Personnel

Classified Personnel   

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Exemption from Classified Service

Persons hired solely for purposes which are exempted from the classified service shall nevertheless fulfill the obligations of classified employees related to physical examinations pursuant to Education Code 45122, fingerprinting pursuant to Education Code 45125, and tuberculosis tests pursuant to Education Code 49406. (Education Code 45106)

(cf. 4112.4/4212.4/4312.4 - Health Examinations)

(cf. 4112.5/4212.5/4312.5 - Criminal Record Check)

(cf. 4212 - Appointment and Conditions of Employment)

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

Districts Not Incorporating the Merit System

Individuals hired solely for the following purposes shall not be part of the classified service: (Education Code 45103)

1. Substitute or short-term employees who are employed and paid for fewer than 195 work days per year, including holidays, sick leave, vacation, and other leaves of absences, irrespective of the number of hours worked per day

2. Apprentices and professional experts employed on a temporary basis for a specific project regardless of length of employment

3. Full-time students employed part time

4. Part-time students employed part time in any college work study program, or in a work experience education program conducted by a community college district pursuant to Education Code 51760-51769.5 that is financed by state or federal funds

Restricted Positions

Persons employed in restricted positions pursuant to Education Code 45105 or 45108 shall be classified employees for all purposes except that they shall not be subject to the provisions of Education Code 45272 and 45273 related to promotional examinations and the filling of vacancies, and shall not acquire permanent status or seniority credit. Such persons shall be eligible for promotion into the regular classified service only after completing six months of satisfactory service and satisfactorily completing the qualifying examinations required of all other persons serving in the same class in the regular classified service. (Education Code 45105, 45108)


approved: March 12, 2019 Petaluma, California