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Chapter 6. Student Tuition Recovery Fund. Orderly Closure and Teach-outs. Required Notices and Teach-Out Plan.   

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All institutions, including those exempt from Bureau regulation pursuant to the Code, shall do the following prior to closing:

(a) At least 30 days prior to closing, the institution shall notify the Bureau in writing of its intention to close and provide a closure plan. The closure plan shall include:

(1) The exact date and reason for the closure.

(2) The last date of instruction for each educational service or program.

(3) A list of students who were enrolled at any time during the 60 days prior to closure.

(4) If any student will not be provided complete educational services or the educational program, the institution shall provide:

(A) A plan for providing teach-outs or transfers, including the details of any agreements with other institutions.

(B) If no teach-out is contemplated, or for students who do not wish to participate in a teach-out, arrangements for making refunds within 45 days from the date of closure, or for institutions that participate in federal student financial aid programs arrangements for making refunds and returning federal student financial aid program funds.

(5) A plan for the disposition of student records.

(6) A plan to notify students of their rights and options under the Act and this chapter.

(b) The institution shall notify the students of the following:

(1) If the institution is a participant in federal student financial aid programs, it shall provide students information concerning those programs and institutional closures.

(2) If any student will not be provided complete educational services or the educational program, information regarding the Student Tuition Recovery Fund and the Bureau's physical and Internet addresses.

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(Amended by Register 2011, No. 15.)