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Chapter 3. Institutional Operating Standards. Article 2. Admissions and Academic Achievement Standards. Catalog.   

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(a) Each institution shall provide a catalog pursuant to section 94909 of the Code, which shall be updated annually. Annual updates may be made by the use of supplements or inserts accompanying the catalog. If changes in educational programs, educational services, procedures, or policies required to be included in the catalog by statute or regulation are implemented before the issuance of the annually updated catalog, those changes shall be reflected at the time they are made in supplements or inserts accompanying the catalog.

(b) The catalog shall contain the information prescribed by Section 94909 of the Code and all of the following:

(1) The specific beginning and ending dates defining the time period covered by the catalog;

(2) A statement of the institution's missions and purposes and the objectives underlying each of its educational programs;

(3) If the institution admits students from other countries, whether visa services are provided or whether the institution will vouch for student status, and any associated charges;

(4) Language proficiency information, including: (A) the level of English language proficiency required of students and the kind of documentation of proficiency, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), that will be accepted; and (B) whether English language services, including instruction such as ESL, are provided and, if so, the nature of the service and its cost;

(5) Whether any instruction will occur in a language other than English and, if so, the level of proficiency required and the kind of documentation of proficiency, such as the United States Foreign Service Language Rating System, that will be accepted;

(6) The institution's policies and practices regarding any form of financial aid, including all consumer information which the institution is required to disclose to the student under any state or federal financial aid program;

(7) The institution's policies and procedures for the award of credit for prior experiential learning, including assessment policies and procedures, provisions for appeal, and all charges that a student may be required to pay;

(8) The institution's standards for student achievement;

(9) A description of the facilities and of the types of equipment and materials that will be used for instruction;

(10) A description of library and other learning resources and the procedures for student access to those resources;

(11) If the institution offers distance education, the approximate number of days that will elapse between the institution's receipt of student lessons, projects, or dissertations and the institution's mailing of its response or evaluation.

(12) A description of all student services;

(13) Housing information including all of the following:

(A) Whether the institution has dormitory facilities under its control;

(B) The availability of housing located reasonably near the institution's facilities and an estimation of the approximate cost or range of cost of the housing; and

(C) If the institution has no responsibility to find or assist a student in finding housing, a clear and conspicuous statement so indicating. A statement that the program is "non- residential" does not satisfy this subparagraph.

(14) Policies on student rights, including the procedure for addressing student grievances; and

(15) Policies on the retention of student records.

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(Amended by Register 2010, No. 47.)