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Political Reform Act; conflict of interest   

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(a) A board, commission, or agency of a public pension or retirement system shall attach to its Conflict of Interest Code an appendix entitled "Agency Positions that Manage Public Investments for Purposes of Section 87200 of the Government Code." The appendix shall list each position with the board, commission, or agency for which an individual occupying the position is required to file a Statement of Economic Interests as a public official who manages public investments within the meaning of Section 87200. The board, commission, or agency shall post the appendix on its Internet Web site in a manner that makes it easily identifiable and accessible by persons who view that Web site.

(b) (1) For purposes of this section, "public official who manages public investments" includes a salaried or unsalaried member of a committee, board, commission, or other entity that exists as, or within, a governmental agency and that possesses decisionmaking authority.

(2) A committee, board, commission, or other entity possesses decisionmaking authority for purposes of this section if any of the following apply:

(A) The entity may make a final governmental decision.

(B) The entity may compel a governmental decision or prevent a governmental decision, either by virtue of possessing exclusive power to initiate the decision or by having veto authority that may not be overridden.

(C) The entity makes substantive recommendations that are, and over an extended period of time have been, regularly approved, without significant amendment or modification, by another public official or governmental agency.

(3) A committee, board, commission, or other entity does not possess decisionmaking authority for purposes of this section if it is formed for the sole purpose of researching a subject and preparing a report or recommendation for submission to another governmental entity that has final decisionmaking authority.

(Added by Stats. 2010, ch. 702, Sec. 1.)