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Chapter 10. Digital Signatures. Definitions.   

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(a) For purposes of this chapter, and unless the context expressly indicates otherwise:

(1) "Digitally-signed communication" is a message that has been processed by a computer in such a manner that ties the message to the individual that signed the message.

(2) "Message" means a digital representation of information intended to serve as a written communication with a public entity.

(3) "Person" means a human being or any organization capable of signing a document, either legally or as a matter of fact.

(4) "Public entity" means the public entity as defined by California Government Code Section 811.2.

(5) "Signer" means the person who signs a digitally signed communication with the use of an acceptable technology to uniquely link the message with the person sending it.

(6) "Technology" means the computer hardware and/or software-based method or process used to create digital signatures.

Authority cited:

Government Code 16.5


Government Code 16.5

(Register 98, No. 24.)