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Article 3. Rules of Conduct for Professional Educators. General provisions.   

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(a) These rules are binding upon every person holding a credential or any license to perform educational services under the jurisdiction of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and the consequences of any willful breach may be revocation or suspension of the credential, or license, or private admonition of the holder.

(b) Nothing in these rules is intended to limit or supersede any provision of law relating to the duties and obligations of certificated persons or to the consequences of the violation of such duties and obligations. The prohibition of certain conduct in these rules is not to be interpreted as approval of conduct not specifically cited.

(c) These rules may be cited and referred to as "Rules of Conduct for Professional Educators".

(d) The Commission shall complete a study of the effect of these rules and present its findings to the Governor, the Legislature, and the State Board of Education no later than September 1, 1989.

(e) As used in these rules:

(1) "Certificated person" means any person who holds a certificate, permit, credential, or other license authorizing the performance of teaching or education-related service in grades K through 12 in California public schools.

(2) "Professional employment" means the performance for compensation of teaching or other education-related employment in a position for which certification requirements are set by law.

(3) "Confidential information" means information which was provided to the certificated person solely for the purpose of facilitating his/her performance of professional services for or on behalf of the person or employer providing such information.

Authority cited:

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(Amended by Register 89, No. 3.)