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Fees for Development Projects   

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(a) Any local agency which levies a fee subject to Section 66001 may adopt a capital improvement plan, which shall indicate the approximate location, size, time of availability, and estimates of cost for all facilities or improvements to be financed with the fees.

(b) The capital improvement plan shall be adopted by, and shall be annually updated by, a resolution of the governing body of the local agency adopted at a noticed public hearing. Notice of the hearing shall be given pursuant to Section 65090. In addition, mailed notice shall be given to any city or county which may be significantly affected by the capital improvement plan. This notice shall be given no later than the date the local agency notices the public hearing pursuant to Section 65090. The information in the notice shall be not less than the information contained in the notice of public hearing and shall be given by first-class mail or personal delivery.

(c) "Facility" or "improvement," as used in this section, means any of the following:

(1) Public buildings, including schools and related facilities; provided that school facilities shall not be included if Senate Bill 97 of the 1987-88 Regular Session is enacted and becomes effective on or before January 1, 1988.

(2) Facilities for the storage, treatment, and distribution of nonagricultural water.

(3) Facilities for the collection, treatment, reclamation, and disposal of sewage.

(4) Facilities for the collection and disposal of storm waters and for flood control purposes.

(5) Facilities for the generation of electricity and the distribution of gas and electricity.

(6) Transportation and transit facilities, including but not limited to streets and supporting improvements, roads, overpasses, bridges, harbors, ports, airports, and related facilities.

(7) Parks and recreation facilities.

(8) Any other capital project identified in the capital facilities plan adopted pursuant to Section 66002.

(Added by Stats. 1987, Ch. 927, Sec. 1.)