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Educational Opportunities   

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The Legislature hereby recognizes that it is the policy of the people of the State of California to provide an educational opportunity to the end that every pupil leaving school shall have the opportunity to be prepared to enter the world of work; that every pupil who graduates from any state-supported educational institution should have sufficient marketable skills for legitimate remunerative employment; that every qualified and eligible adult citizen shall be afforded an educational opportunity to become suitably employed in some remunerative field of employment; and that these opportunities are a right to be enjoyed without regard to economic status or the characteristics listed in Section 220.

The Legislature further recognizes that all pupils need to be provided with opportunities to explore and make career choices and to seek appropriate instruction and training to support those choices. The Legislature therefore finds that fairs as community resource and youth leadership activities are integral to assisting and guiding pupils in making choices and therefore encourage the further expansion of cooperative activities between schools, youth leadership activities, and community resources. Among community resources of particular significance in providing information on various career opportunities are vocational and occupational exhibits, demonstrations and activities conducted at fairs.

(Amended by Stats. 2007, Ch. 569, Sec. 28.)


Education Code 220