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Payroll procedure   

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In any county, the county superintendent of schools, with the approval of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the county board of education, and the county auditor, may prescribe a payroll procedure, to be followed by designated districts in the county, under which the school district governing boards, by use of payroll orders, shall authorize and direct the county superintendent of schools and the county auditor to draw separate payroll warrants in the names of the individual district employees for the respective amounts set forth therein to the end that each employee may be furnished with a statement of the amount earned and an itemization of the amounts withheld therefrom under requirements of the law or by direction of the employee.

The payroll warrants shall show the closing date of the pay period for which issued and the date of issue and a statement that it is drawn by order of the governing board of the district and shall bear the signature of the county auditor.

To obtain the advantage of a uniform pay period and pay date within school districts, the payroll procedure may specify the ending date of the pay period and, notwithstanding Sections 42644, 45040, and 45048, the date of issue for payroll warrants, except that the issue date shall be on or before the 10th calendar day following the end of the pay period. The payroll procedure may provide for salary payments, including salary advances, more frequently than once a month.

The payroll procedure may provide for payroll orders authorizing salary payments to individual employees on a continuing basis until notifications of changes or adjustments are submitted by the school districts, provided that an itemized listing of payments made under this procedure is furnished to the school district on or before the date of issue of the payroll warrants.

The payroll order may direct the transfer from the districts' funds to a clearing fund in the county treasury, to be known as the schools payroll revolving fund, of the total of the amount of the payroll warrants to be issued under the order to the end that payroll warrants for all districts may be drawn against a single revolving fund. The payroll order may further direct the transfer from the districts' funds of the totals of the various deductions set forth therein to the trust funds in the county treasury entitled to receive credit for them and may further direct the proper disbursement of such trust amounts.

When the payroll procedure provides for payment of salary once each month the payment shall be made on the last working day of the month as required by Section 45166.

(Amended by Stats. 1987, Ch. 1452, Sec. 355.)


Education Code 42644

Education Code 45040

Education Code 45048

Education Code 45166