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Unaccredited Degree-Granting Institutions That Are Automatically Suspended   

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(a) If an unaccredited institution that has a provisional approval from the Bureau to offer degree programs or an unaccredited degree-granting institution that has an approved accreditation plan pursuant to section 71105.5 fails to meet the requirements of either section 94885.1 or 94885.5 of the Code or section 71105 or 71105.5 and is notified by the Bureau that their approval to operate or their approval to offer degree programs has been automatically suspended, the institution must immediately cease enrolling students and within 30 days provide to the Bureau a degree program closure plan. The degree program closure plan shall include:

(1) The exact date the institution stopped enrolling new students in its degree programs.

(2) A list of contact information for all students currently enrolled in each degree program.

(3) A teach-out plan that includes a plan for the disposition of student records and is compliant with the provisions of section 94927 of the Code.

(4) A copy of the notification to be provided to students pursuant to subdivision (b) of this section.

(b) The institution must notify, in writing, all currently enrolled students within five business days of the following:

(1) That the institution has received a notice of suspension from the Bureau and may no longer offer degree programs.

(2) A teach-out plan, which shall provide, at minimum, the following information:

(A) The name and location of the institution(s) that is (are) providing the teach-out.

(B) The date upon which instruction at the teach-out institution(s) will begin.

(C) How and when payments will be made to the new institution and any relevant financial information.

(D) Whom to contact at the new institution(s).

(3) That the student has a right to choose not to participate in the teach-out, and instead seek a refund for any classes the student is currently enrolled in or has not yet completed.

(c) Any student may seek a refund from the institution rather than participate in a proposed teach-out program. A refund must be made within 45 days of such a request by a student.

(d) Failure of any institution to comply with the requirements of this section will be considered a violation and subject to action by the Bureau.

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(Added by Register 2015, No. 31.)