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Compliance Inspections. Compliance Inspections   

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(a) As part of the Bureau's compliance program, the first inspection of an institution pursuant to this section shall be an announced inspection.

(b) The Bureau shall provide not less than seven (7) days notice from the time of service of the notice of any announced inspection. Notice shall be given in writing by email or mail to a person listed in section 71130(a) or 71135.

(c) An institution shall be subject to the same number of unannounced inspections in a two-year period as announced inspections. The relevant two-year period shall begin on the date of the first announced inspection.

(d) The Bureau shall determine the number of total compliance inspections for any institution by evaluating relevant factors including: size of the institution, number and types of programs offered, time elapsed since last inspection, history of its approval to operate, number and type of complaints, and enforcement history.

(e) The Bureau is not precluded from conducting an investigation of an institution whether or not it has conducted some or all of its compliance inspections in the two-year period.

Authority cited:

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Education Code 94932.5

(Added by Register 2011, No. 38.)