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Chapter 6. Student Tuition Recovery Fund. Strf Assessments. Record-Keeping Requirements.   

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(a) A qualifying institution shall collect and maintain records of student information to substantiate the data reported on the STRF Assessment Reporting Form and records of the students' eligibility under the Fund. Such records shall include the following for each student:

(1) Student identification number,

(2) First and last names,

(3) Email address,

(4) Local or mailing address,

(5) Address at the time of enrollment,

(6) Home address,

(7) Date enrollment agreement signed,

(8) Courses and course costs,

(9) Amount of STRF assessment collected,

(10) Quarter in which the STRF assessment was remitted to the Bureau,

(11) Third-party payer identifying information,

(12) Total institutional charges charged, and

(13) Total institutional charges paid.

(b) The qualifying institution shall maintain the data required under this section in an electronic format that is readily available and open to inspection by the Bureau upon request. The institution shall make the records immediately available to a Bureau representative conducting a site inspection or, upon written request, shall provide a copy within 14 calendar days of the request. All records shall be provided to the Bureau in an intelligible and orderly manner and in an electronic format.

Authority cited:

Education Code 94803

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Education Code 94923

(Amended by Register 2011, No. 15.)