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Chapter 3. Institutional Operating Standards. Article 3. Maintenance and Production of Records. Maintenance of Records.   

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(a) An institution shall maintain all records required by the Act and this chapter. The records shall be maintained in this state.

(b)(1) In addition to permanently retaining a transcript as required by section 94900(b) of the Code, the institution shall maintain for a period of 5 years the pertinent student records described in Section 71920 from the student's date of completion or withdrawal.

(2) Notwithstanding (b)(1), the institution shall maintain records relating to federal financial aid programs as provided by federal law.

(c) A record is considered current for three years following a student's completion or withdrawal. A record may be stored on microfilm, microfiche, computer disk, or any other method of record storage only if all of the following apply:

(1) The record may be stored without loss of information or legibility for the period within which the record is required to be maintained by the Act;

(2) For a record that is current, the institution maintains functioning devices that can immediately reproduce exact, legible printed copies of stored records. The devices shall be maintained in reasonably close proximity to the stored records at the institution's primary administrative location in California. For a record that is no longer current, the institution shall be able to reproduce exact, legible printed copies within two (2) business days.

(3) The institution has personnel scheduled to be present at all times during normal business hours who know how to operate the devices and can explain the operation of the devices to any person authorized by the Act to inspect and copy records; and

(4) Any person authorized by the Act or this chapter to inspect and copy records shall be given immediate access to the document reproduction devices for the purpose of inspecting and copying stored records and shall, upon request, reimburse the institution for the reasonable cost of using the institution's equipment and material to make copies at a rate not to exceed ten cents ($0.10) per page.

(d) The institution shall maintain a second set of all academic and financial records required by the Act and this chapter at a different location unless the original records, including records stored pursuant to subdivision (b) of this section, are maintained in a manner secure from damage or loss. An acceptable manner of storage under this subsection would include fire resistant cabinets.

(e) All records that the institution is required to maintain by the Act or this chapter shall be made immediately available by the institution for inspection and copying during normal business hours by the Bureau and any entity authorized to conduct investigations.

(f) If an institution closes, the institution and its owners are jointly and severally responsible to arrange at their expense for the storage and safekeeping in California of all records required to be maintained by the Act and this chapter for as long as those records must be maintained. The repository of the records shall make these records immediately available for inspection and copying, without charge except as allowed under subdivision (c)(4) of this section, during normal business hours by any entity authorized by law to inspect and copy records.

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(Amended by Register 2010, No. 47.)