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Chapter 3. Institutional Operating Standards. Article 1. Minimum Operating Standards. Withdrawals and Refunds.   

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(a) Every institution shall make refunds that are no less than the refunds required under the Act and this Division.

(b) An institution may not enforce any refund policy that is not specified in the catalog as required pursuant to section 94909(a)(8)(B) of the Code, and must refund all institutional charges upon a student's withdrawal. Withdrawal policy procedures pursuant to section 94909(a)((8)(B) of the Code shall include, at a minimum: the acceptable methods of delivery of a notice to withdraw; whether withdrawal can be accomplished by conduct, and if so, how; the position or positions to whom the notice to withdraw must be delivered; and the date that the notice to withdraw is considered effective, which shall be no later than the date received by the institution.

(c) A pro rata refund pursuant to section 94919(c) or 94920(d) or 94927 of the Code shall be no less than the total amount owed by the student for the portion of the educational program provided subtracted from the amount paid by the student, calculated as follows:

( (1) The amount owed equals the daily charge for the program (total institutional charge, divided by the number of days or hours in the program), multiplied by the number of days student attended, or was scheduled to attend, prior to withdrawal.

( (2) Except as provided for in subdivision (a)(3) of this section, all amounts paid by the student in excess of what is owed as calculated in subdivision (a)(1) shall be refunded.

( (3) Except as provided herein, all amounts that the student has paid shall be subject to refund unless the enrollment agreement and the refund policy outlined in the catalog specify amounts paid for an application fee or deposit not more than $250.00, books, supplies, or equipment, and specify whether and under what circumstances those amounts are non-refundable. Except when an institution provides a 100% refund pursuant to section 94919(d) or section 94920(b) of the Code, any assessment paid pursuant to section 94923 of the Code is non-refundable.

(4) For purposes of determining a refund under the Act and this section, a student shall be considered to have withdrawn from an educational program when he or she withdraws or is deemed withdrawn in accordance with the withdrawal policy stated in its catalog.

(d) If an institution has collected money from a student for transmittal on the student's behalf to a third party for a bond, library usage, or fees for a license, application, or examination and the institution has not paid the money to the third party at the time of the student's withdrawal or cancellation, the institution shall refund the money to the student within 45 days of the student's withdrawal or cancellation.

(e) An institution shall refund any credit balance on the student's account within 45 days after the date of the student's completion of, or withdrawal from, the educational program in which the student was enrolled. For purposes of this subdivision and section 94919(d) of the Code, "day" means calendar day.

(f) The institution shall maintain a cancellation and withdrawal log, kept current on a monthly basis, which shall include the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of cancellations or withdrawal of all students who have cancelled the enrollment agreement with, or withdrawn from, the institution during the calendar year.

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