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Chapter 3. Institutional Operating Standards. Article 1. Minimum Operating Standards. Facilities and Equipment.   

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(a) An institution shall have sufficient facilities and necessary equipment to support the achievement of the educational objectives of all of the courses and educational programs in which students are enrolled. If an institution represents that the educational service will fit or prepare a student for employment in a particular occupation or as described in particular job titles, either of the following conditions shall be met:

(1) The equipment used for instruction or provided to the student shall be comparable in model type or features to equipment generally used in those occupations or job titles at the time the instruction is offered.

(2) The institution shall establish that the equipment used for instruction or provided to a student is not obsolete and is sufficient for instructional purposes to reasonably assure that a student acquires the necessary level of education, training, skill, and experience to obtain employment in the field of training and to perform the tasks associated with the occupation or job title to which the educational program was represented to lead.

(b) An institution's facilities, including heating and cooling, ventilation, lighting, classrooms, laboratories, and campus environs, shall be well-maintained. The institution shall maintain all valid permits required by any public agencies relating to the health and safety of the institution's facilities and equipment on file, and such permits shall be available to the Bureau upon request.

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