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Chapter 3. Institutional Operating Standards. Article 1. Minimum Operating Standards. Administration.   

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(a) Each institution shall have a chief executive officer, a chief operating officer and chief academic officer. One person may serve more than one function.

(b) The duties, responsibilities, and performance evaluation criteria for each administrator shall be set forth in a personnel manual or other writing maintained by the institution.

(c) An institution with one or more branch locations shall establish written institutional policies, consistent with subdivision (d), regarding the division and sharing of administrative responsibilities between the central administration at the main location and the administration at the branch locations.

(d) The administrative staffing at each branch location shall reflect the purposes, size, and educational operations at that location and at any satellite location for which the branch has administrative responsibilities.

(e) The chief academic officer shall possess a degree or equivalent acceptable experience at least equal to the highest qualifications required of the institution's faculty. Chief academic officers employed on the date of implementation of these regulations, who do not meet the qualifications for their positions, shall have three years to earn the necessary degrees or experience to qualify them for their position.

(f) The institution shall employ administrative personnel who have the expertise to ensure the achievement of the institution's mission and objectives and the operation of the educational programs.

(g) The institution shall not employ or continue to employ any administrative personnel who were adjudicated in a judicial or administrative proceeding as having violated any provision of the Act or this chapter or as having committed any act that would constitute grounds for the denial of a license under Section 480 of the Business and Professions Code.

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