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Chapter 2. Applications. Article 1. Application for Approval to Operate and Offer Educational Programs for Non-Accredited Institutions. Facilities and Equipment.   

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(a) For each program offered, the Form Application 94886 shall contain a description of the facilities and the equipment which is available for use by students at the main, branch, and satellite locations of the institution.

(b) For facilities that are leased or rented, the Form Application 94886 shall contain the name and address of the lessor or landlord, together with a copy of any use, lease, or rental agreements for the facilities.

(c) The description of the physical facilities shall include building diagrams or campus maps to assist the Bureau in locating these facilities. The diagrams or maps shall identify the location of classrooms, laboratories, workshops, and libraries.

(d) The description shall include specifications of significant equipment that demonstrate that the equipment meets the standards prescribed by the Code and this chapter and is sufficient to enable students to achieve the educational objectives of each education program.

(e) For each item of significant equipment, the description shall indicate whether the equipment is owned, leased, rented, or licensed for short- or long-term, or owned by another and loaned to be used without charge.

(f) The Form Application 94886 shall contain a list of all permits, certifications, or other evidence of inspections or authorizations to operate required by the jurisdictions within which the institution operates that the institution has obtained, and/or an explanation as to why those permits, certifications, or inspections have not yet been obtained.

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