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Chapter 2. Applications. Article 1. Application for Approval to Operate and Offer Educational Programs for Non-Accredited Institutions. Instruction and Degrees Offered.   

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(a) The institution shall identify and describe the educational program it offers, or proposes to offer. If the educational program is a degree program, the institution shall identify the full title which it will place on each degree awarded.

(b) In addition to the general title, such as "Bachelor of Arts" or "Master of Science," each degree title shall include the name of a specific major field of learning involved.

(c) In addition, the institution shall list the following for each educational program offered:

(1) The admissions requirements, including minimum levels of prior education, preparation, or training;

(2) If applicable, information regarding the ability-to-benefit examination as required by section 94904 of the Code;

(3) The types and amount of general education required;

(4) The title of the educational programs and other components of instruction offered, including a description of the level of the courses (e.g., below college level, undergraduate level, graduate level);

(5) The method of instruction;

(6) The graduation requirements; and

(7) Whether the educational program is designed to fit or prepare students for employment in any occupation. If so, the Form Application 94886 shall identify each occupation and job title to which the institution represents the educational program will lead.

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(Amended by Register 2010, No. 47.)