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Chapter 1 Teachers' Retirement System Article 13 Election of Members to the Teachers' Retirement Board Notice of Election Results   

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(a) Within three business days after the public ballot canvassing, or after verification of the nominating signatures pursuant to Section 24002 where the Election Coordinator certifies only one qualified candidate in an election for a position on the Board, the Election Coordinator shall transmit the election results to the Chief Executive Officer for his or her certification.

(b) Following certification by the Chief Executive Officer, the Election Coordinator shall notify candidates, Board members and other interested parties of the certified results. Notification to the newly elected Board member shall include an Oath of Office form. This form is to be signed by the Board member-elect in the presence of a notary public and returned to the System. The Election Coordinator shall file the Oath with the Secretary of State.

(c) Upon the Chief Executive Officer's certification and proper execution of the Oath of Office form, the Board member elected through this process shall take his or her office on either the day provided for by statute or immediately, if elected to fill a vacancy.

Authority cited:

Education Code 22200.5


Education Code 22200

Added by Register 2003, No. 20)