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Article 3. General Provisions of Administration. Authority of Chief Executive Officer.   

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The chief executive officer of the system is authorized and empowered to correct a member's record and to approve, disapprove, modify or otherwise act on the retirement of members of the system for service or for qualifying for and receiving a disability allowance, and to fix their retirement allowances or disability allowances; and to approve, disapprove, modify or otherwise act on any application for any other benefit or refund and for granting service credit; and to determine whether persons who have qualified for and are receiving disability allowances have received from the disabilities which qualified them for disability allowances and to determine the eligibility of Persons for family allowances. Payment of retirement allowances, disability allowances, family allowances, refunds or other benefits may be made on the action of the chief executive officer.

The chief executive officer is authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the Teachers' Retirement Board and to perform other acts necessary in the administration of the system. The Teachers' Retirement Board may by resolution adopted at any meeting and recorded in the minutes of the meeting, delegate authority to him to perform any act within its own power to perform.

Any member, former member, disabilitant, retirant, beneficiary or other person dissatisfied with the action of the chief executive officer, other than his referral of the matter to hearing, with respect to payment of allowances, benefits or refunds or with respect to crediting service or correction of records, has the right to appeal such action to the Teachers' Retirement Board by filing a written notice of such appeal and the reason therefor at the office of the system within a reasonable time from the date of the mailing to him by the chief executive officer at his most recent address of record with the system of written notice of the determination or action taken and right of appeal therefrom. For the purpose of defining a "reasonable time" ninety (90) days is deemed to be a reasonable time. If no notice of appeal as herein provided is made within the time prescribed, such determination or action shall be final.

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(Amended by Register 77, No. 19.)