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Division 3. Teacher's Retirement System. Chapter 1. Teacher's Retirement System. Article 1. Definitions. Definitions.   

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As used in this chapter:

(a) "Accredited" means official recognition of an educational institution, by an authorized public authority or other generally recognized authority, that such institution maintains standards which qualify its graduates for admission to higher or more specialized institutions or for professional or trade practices.

(b) "Certificated" means the holding by a person of a credential which is required by the laws of the state to be held as a condition to valid employment in the position in which such person is employed.

(c) "Chairperson" means Chairperson of the Teachers' Retirement Board, duly elected in the manner prescribed by Education Code section 22200.

(d) "Credential", "credentials" and "certificate" mean any life diploma, credential, certificate, or other document provided for by, and issued pursuant to the laws of the state which authorize service in the public school system of this state.

(e) "Emergency meeting" means a meeting of the Teachers' Retirement Board held because of an unforeseen emergency condition.

(f) "Regular meeting" is a meeting held in accordance to a schedule of meetings stating the dates and places of the meetings adopted by the Teachers' Retirement Board.

(g) "Special meeting" is a nonemergency meeting held by the Teachers' Retirement Board at a time other than when a regular meeting is held for considering and acting upon such matters, and no others, as are included in the notice of special meeting.

(h) "Unforeseen emergency condition" means a circumstance or a combination of circumstances which may result in monetary loss to the system, or otherwise impair the integrity or operation of the system, or result in unconscionable hardship or monetary loss of a member, disabilitant or retirant unless the Teachers' Retirement Board acts without being required to provide at least seven days' notice before acting.

(i) "Vice Chairman" means the vice chairman of the Teachers' Retirement Board, duly elected in the manner prescribed by Education Code section 22200.

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(Amended by Register 77, No. 19.)