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Local Control And Accountability Plan   

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The County Board of Education desires to ensure the most effective use of available state funding to improve student achievement and other outcomes for all students. A comprehensive, data-driven planning process involving local stakeholders shall be used to identify annual goals for the county office of education (COE) and specific actions which are aligned with the COE budget.

The County Board shall consider for adoption a proposed local control and accountability plan (LCAP) presented by the County Superintendent of Schools. The LCAP shall address the state priorities specified in Education Code 52066 and any additional local priorities established by the County Board, as listed in the section "Content and Structure of the Plan" below. (Education Code 52066)

The LCAP shall focus on improving outcomes for all students, particularly those who are identified as "unduplicated students" or are part of any numerically significant student subgroup that is at risk of or is underperforming.

Unduplicated students include students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals, English learners, and foster youth, as defined in Education Code 42238.01 for purposes of the local control funding formula (LCFF). (Education Code 42238.02)

Numerically significant student subgroups include ethnic subgroups, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, English learners, students with disabilities, foster youth, and homeless students, when there are at least 30 students in the subgroup or at least 15 foster youth or homeless student. (Education Code 52052)

On or before July 1 of each year, the County Board shall consider for adoption any update to the COE LCAP required pursuant to Education Code 52067.

Content and Structure of the Plan

The COE LCAP and annual updates shall adhere to the template provided by the State Board of Education (SBE) and shall include, for each school or program operated by the County Superintendent: (Education Code 52066)

1. A description of the annual goals, for all students and for each numerically significant student subgroup, to be achieved for each of the following state priorities as applicable to the students served:

a. The degree to which teachers are appropriately assigned in accordance with Education Code 44258.9 and fully credentialed in the subject areas and for the students they are teaching; every student has sufficient access to standards aligned instructional materials as determined pursuant to Education Code 60119; and school facilities are maintained in good repair as specified in Education Code 17002

b. Implementation of the academic content and performance standards adopted by the SBE, including how the programs and services will enable English learners to access the Common Core State Standards and the English language development standards for purposes of gaining academic content knowledge and English language proficiency

c. Parent/guardian involvement and family engagement, including efforts to seek parent/guardian input in making decisions for each school site and county program and how the County Superintendent will promote parent/guardian participation in programs for unduplicated students and students with disabilities

d. Student achievement, as measured by all of the following as applicable:

(1) Statewide assessments of student achievement

(2) The percentage of students who have successfully completed courses that satisfy the requirements for entrance to the University of California and the California State University, or career technical education sequences or programs of study that align with SBE-approved career technical education standards and frameworks, including, but not limited to, those described in Education Code 52302, 52372.5, or 54692

(3) The percentage of English learners who make progress toward English proficiency as measured by the SBE-certified assessment of English proficiency

(4) The English learner reclassification rate

(5) The percentage of students who have passed an Advanced Placement examination with a score of 3 or higher

(6) The percentage of students who demonstrate college preparedness in the Early Assessment Program pursuant to Education Code 99300-99301

e. Student engagement, as measured by school attendance rates, chronic absenteeism rates, middle school dropout rates, high school dropout rates, and high school graduation rates, as applicable

f. School climate, as measured by student suspension and expulsion rates and other local measures, including surveys of students, parents/guardians, and teachers on the sense of safety and school connectedness, as applicable

g. The extent to which students have access to and are enrolled in a broad course of study that includes all of the subject areas described in Education Code 51210 and 51220, as applicable, including the programs and services developed and provided to unduplicated students and students with disabilities, and the programs and services that are provided to benefit these students as a result of supplemental and concentration grant funding pursuant to Education Code 42238.02 and 42238.03

h. Student outcomes, if available, in the subject areas described in Education Code 51210 and 51220, as applicable

i. How the County Superintendent will coordinate instruction of expelled students offered pursuant to Education Code 48926

j. How the County Superintendent will coordinate services for foster youth, including, but not limited to, all of the following:

(1) Working with the county child welfare agency to minimize changes in school placement

(2) Providing education-related information to the county child welfare agency to assist the agency in the delivery of services to foster youth, including, but not limited to, educational status and progress information that is required to be included in court reports

(3) Responding to requests from the juvenile court for information and working with the juvenile court to ensure the delivery and coordination of necessary educational services

(4) Establishing a mechanism for the efficient and expeditious transfer of health and education records and the health and education passport

2. Goals identified for any local priorities established by the County Board of Education.

3. A description of the specific actions the County Superintendent will take during each year of the LCAP to achieve the identified goals, including the enumeration of any specific actions necessary for that year to correct any deficiencies in regard to the state and local priorities specified in items #1-2 above. Such actions shall not supersede provisions of existing collective bargaining agreements within the jurisdiction of the County Superintendent.

To the extent practicable, data reported in the LCAP shall be reported in a manner consistent with how information is reported on The California School Dashboard. (Education Code 52066)

Increase or Improvement in Services for Unduplicated Students

The LCAP shall demonstrate the applicable level of increased or improved services to unduplicated students. The LCAP shall explain how the funding apportioned based on the number and concentration of unduplicated students is used and how services are provided, whether by school site or countywide, to meet the needs of unduplicated students and to improve the performance of all students in the state priority areas. (Education Code 42238.07; 5 CCR 15494)

Services may include, but are not limited to, those associated with the delivery of instruction, administration, facilities, student support services, technology, and other general infrastructure necessary to operate and deliver educational instruction and related services. (5 CCR 15495)

When the COE expends supplemental and/or concentration grant funds on a countywide basis during the year for which the LCAP is adopted, the LCAP shall: (5 CCR 15496)

1. Identify those services that are being funded and provided on a countywide basis

2. Describe how such services are principally directed towards, and are effective in, meeting the COE's goals for unduplicated students in the state priority areas and any local priority areas

Adoption of the Plan

For the purpose of reviewing the proposed LCAP, the County Board may consider quantitative data presented by the County Superintendent as well as qualitative information including, but not limited to, findings that result from any school quality reviews conducted pursuant to Education Code 52052 or any other reviews. (Education Code 52066)

The County Board shall hold at least one public hearing to solicit the recommendations and comments of members of the public regarding the specific actions and expenditures proposed to be included in the LCAP or the annual update. The public hearing shall be held at the same meeting as the public hearing that is required prior to the adoption of the COE budget in accordance with Education Code 1620. (Education Code 1620, 52068)

(cf. 3100 - Budget Adoption and Revision)

Prior to considering and adopting the COE budget, but at the same public meeting at which the budget is adopted, the County Board shall adopt the LCAP or the annual update to the LCAP.

This meeting shall be held after the public hearing described above, but not on the same day as the hearing. (Education Code 1622, 52068)

As part of the LCAP adoption and annual update to the LCAP, the County Board shall separately adopt by July 1 an LCFF budget overview for parents/guardians, based on the template developed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI), which includes specified information relating to the COE's budget. The budget overview shall be adopted, reviewed, and approved in the same manner as the LCAP and the annual update. (Education Code 52064.1)

At any time during the period in which the LCAP is in effect, the County Board may adopt revisions to the plan presented by the County Superintendent, provided that the County Board follows the same process for adopting the LCAP pursuant to Education Code 52068 and the revisions are adopted in a public meeting. (Education Code 52068)

Monitoring Progress

At least annually, the County Board shall review data presented by the County Superintendent evaluating the COE's progress toward attaining each goal identified in the LCAP. Evaluation shall include, but not be limited to, an assessment of COE and school performance reported on the California School Dashboard and any additional indicators established by the County Board and County Superintendent.

The County Board may identify the method(s) to be used for measuring the COE's progress toward achieving the local goals established by the County Board. (Education Code 52066)

Evaluation data shall be used to recommend any necessary revisions to the LCAP.

Submission of Plan to Superintendent of Public Instruction

Not later than five days after adoption of the LCAP, the COE budget, and the LCFF budget overview for parents/guardians, the County Board shall file the LCAP, the budget, and the budget overview with the SPI. (Education Code 1622, 52064.1, 52070.5)

If the SPI sends, by August 15, a written request for clarification of the contents of the LCAP or the annual update, the County Board shall respond in writing within 15 days of the request. If the SPI then submits recommendations for amendments to the LCAP within 15 days of receiving the County Board's response, the County Board shall consider those recommendations in a public meeting within 15 days of receiving the recommendations. (Education Code 52070.5)

Technical Assistance/Intervention

If the SPI does not approve the COE's LCAP, the County Board shall accept technical assistance from the SPI focused on revising the plan so that it can be approved. (Education Code 52071.5)

When required by the SPI based on one or more numerically significant student subgroups meeting the criteria for assistance and intervention established pursuant to Education Code 52064.5, or when requested by the County Board at its discretion, the COE shall receive technical assistance from the SPI to build to COE's capacity to develop and implement actions and services responsive to student and community needs. Such technical assistance may include, but is not limited to: (Education Code 52071.5)

1. Assistance in the identification of COE strengths and weaknesses in regard to state priorities through the review of performance data on the state and local indicators included in the Dashboard and other relevant local data, and assistance in the identification of effective, evidence-based programs that address any areas of weakness

2. Assistance from an academic expert or team of experts in the identification and implementation of effective programs that are designed to improve performance in any identified areas of weakness. The COE may consult with the SPI to engage another service provider, including, but not limited to, a school district, COE, or charter school, to provide such assistance.

The COE shall provide the SPI with timely documentation of the completion of activities listed in items #1-2 above and take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with other requirements specified in Education Code 52071.5.

If referred to the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence by the SPI, the COE shall implement the recommendations of that agency in order to accomplish the goals set forth in the COE's LCAP. (Education Code 52071.5, 52074)

If the SPI identifies the COE as needing intervention pursuant to Education Code 52072.5, the COE shall cooperate with any SBE-approved action taken by the SPI or by any academic advisor appointed by the SPI, which may include any of the following: (Education Code 52072.5)

1. Revision of the COE's LCAP

2. Revision of the COE's budget in accordance with changes in the LCAP

3. A determination to stay or rescind any COE action that would prevent the COE from improving outcomes for all student subgroups, provided that action is not required by a collective bargaining agreement

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adopted: May 13, 2019 Sonora, California

revised: June 25, 2020