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Tuolumne COE |  BB  9000  Board Bylaws

Role Of The Board   

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The Tuolumne County Board of Education provides leadership and citizen input for county educational programs and services operated by the county office of education, including services provided to school County Office of Education and the community. Major roles of the County Board include:

1. Working with the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools to establish the direction and priorities for the county office through its budgetary responsibilities

2. Providing community leadership on behalf of the county office and public education

To fulfill these basic responsibilities, the County Board shall:

1. Maintain a cooperative and supportive working relationship with local school districts, their school boards and the community

2. Collaborate with the County Superintendent so that the shared vision, goals and policies of the county office can be implemented

3. Adopt, evaluate and update policies consistent with the law and the county Board's vision and goals

4. Maintain accountability for student learning in schools and programs operated by the county office

5. Approve the LCAP for the county office

6. Adopt the annual budget and review interim reports of the County Superintendent

7. Approve the salary of the County Superintendent

8. Review the real property audit and acquire or dispose of real property as necessary for county office schools and programs

9. Adopt policies to ensure that a safe and appropriate educational environment is provided to all county office students

10. Conduct appeals on student expulsions and interdistrict transfers

11. Conduct public hearings when appropriate

12. Fulfill statutory responsibilities in connection with charter schools

13. Provide community leadership on educational issues and advocate on behalf of students and public education at the local, state and federal levels

The County Board is authorized to establish and finance any program or activity that is not in conflict with, inconsistent with, or preempted by law and which is not in conflict with the purposes for which the County Board is established. (Education Code 35160)

Legal Reference:


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33319.5 Implementation of authority of local agencies

35160 Authority of county boards

47600-47616.5 Charter Schools Act of 1992, as amended

Management Resources:


Professional Governance Standards for County Boards, September 2001

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adopted: April 13, 2015 Sonora, California