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Tuolumne COE |  AR  5131.4  Students

Student Disturbances   

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Prohibited Activities

A student involved or attempting to be involved in any of the following prohibited activities shall be subject to discipline:

1. Disturbing the peace, including, but not limited to, causing or attempting to cause a riot, burning or destroying property, fighting, challenging another to fight, or using offensive words likely to provoke a fight

(cf. 3515 - Campus Security)

2. Disrupting school/program site operations, including, but not limited to, exercising free expression which is obscene, libelous, or slanderous or so incites students as to create a clear and present danger of the commission of unlawful acts on school/program site premises or the violation of lawful school regulations, or substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school/program site (Education Code 48907)

(cf. 5145.2 - Freedom of Speech/Expression)

Other examples of activities that may be considered disrupting school/program site operations include, but are not limited to:

a. Organizing or participating in unauthorized assemblies on school/program site premises

b. Participating in sit-ins or stand-ins which deny students or employees normal access to school/program site premises

c. Interfering with or unauthorized use of the district's computer system

(cf. 6163.4 - Student Use of Technology)

3. Refusing to disperse, including, but not limited to, assembling for the purpose of causing a disruption and refusing to disperse upon the direction of school/program site personnel

4. Boycotting school, including, but not limited to, participating in any protest that involves nonattendance where attendance is required at school/program site, class, or at a school activity

Any student who participates in a boycott shall be given an unexcused absence and may be classified as truant, regardless of any parent/guardian approval of the absence.

(cf. 5113 - Absences and Excuses)

(cf. 5113.1 - Truancy)

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)

(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)

Extension of Class Period and/or Dismissal of School

During any disturbance in which additional students might become involved while changing classes, the principal/program administrator or designee may notify all staff that any class currently in session will be extended until further notice. Upon receiving this notification, staff shall ensure that all students in their charge remain in one location under their supervision and shall ask all students who are in the halls to return to their classes immediately.


approved: January 28, 2008 Sonora, California