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Tuolumne COE |  BP  0200  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Goals For County Office   

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Primary Goals of the Superintendent of Schools Office are:

1. To provide educational resources to all county residents.

2. To provide services which will implement the preparation and adoption of curricula that will:

a. Enable students to develop their maximum potential

b. Provide students with an opportunity to be involved in the selection of the type and depth of education they receive

c. Help students deal with life situations in an intelligent, logical and realistic way

d. Provide individuals the opportunity to appreciate the contributions of all cultural heritages

e. Reflect an emphasis on the educational process as a way of life

3. To keep the general public well informed with respect to the processes and products of county and district educational programs.

4. To provide services that will result in efficiently and legally conducted educational programs.

5. To promote and give leadership to professional development programs for administrators and teachers.

6. To promote and give leadership to quality continuing and adult education programs that meet the needs of all county residents.

7. To operate certain programs when it will benefit the local school districts.

8. To provide necessary linkage services between the State Department of Education and local school districts.

Legal Reference:


51002 Local development of programs based on stated philosophy and goals

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Management Resources:


Maximizing School Board Leadership: Vision, 1996


adopted: October 9, 1989 Sonora, California

reviewed: May 30, 2008