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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 19. Charter Schools Article 2. General Provisions Review and Approval of Charter School Petitions by the State Board of Education   

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The State Board of Education shall utilize the criteria set forth in Section 11967.5.1. in reviewing the elements of a charter petition submitted for its approval in accordance with the provisions of Education Code section 47605(b) and (j). The purpose of the criteria is to convey to charter petitioners the State Board of Education's understanding of the meaning of the elements specified in Education Code section 47605(b), or otherwise to convey essential information about the elements. The criteria are intended to require no charter provisions in excess of those that the State Board of Education believes necessary to determine whether each element specified in Education Code section 47605(b) has been satisfactorily addressed. Where the criteria call for judgments to be made, the judgments will be made in such a manner as to be reasonable, rational, and fair to the petitioners and other parties potentially affected by the chartering of the school by the State Board of Education.

(Added By Register 2002, No. 9)