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Charter School Renewal   

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The County Board of Education believes that the ongoing operation of a charter school established within the district should be dependent on the school's effectiveness in achieving its mission and goals for student learning and other student outcomes. Whenever a charter school submits a petition for renewal of its charter, the Board shall review the petition thoroughly and in a timely manner.

(cf. 0420.4 - Charter School Authorization)

(cf. 0420.41 - Charter School Oversight)

(cf. 0420.43 - Charter School Revocation)

(cf. 0500 - Accountability)

Each renewal granted by the Board shall be for a period of five years. (Education Code 47607)

Submission of Renewal Petition

A charter school seeking renewal of its charter must submit its petition for renewal at least 90 days before the term of the charter is due to expire.

The signature requirement applicable to new charter petitions is not applicable to petitions for renewal. (5 CCR 11966.4)

The petition for renewal shall include a reasonably comprehensive description of how the charter school has met all new charter school requirements enacted into law after the charter was originally granted or last renewed. Charter school renewal shall also be conditioned upon the academic performance criteria specified by the California Department of Education (CDE) and the State Board of Education (SBE). The County Superintendent or designee shall provide timely notification to the California Department of Education of the decision by the Board to either grant or deny the charter renewal application

Criteria for Granting or Denying Renewal

Renewals shall be governed by the same standards and criteria that apply to new charter petitions as set forth in Education Code 47605. The Board shall consider the past performance of the charter school's academics, finances, and operations in evaluating the likelihood of future success, along with plans for improvement, if any. (Education Code 47607; 5 CCR 11966.4)

In determining whether to grant a charter renewal, the Board shall consider increases in academic achievement for all "numerically significant" groups of students served by the charter school, as defined in Education Code 52052, as the most important factor. (Education Code 47607)

The Board shall deny a renewal petition only if it makes a written factual finding setting forth specific facts to support one or more of the following grounds: (Education Code 47605, 47607; 5 CCR 11966.4)

1. The charter school presents an unsound educational program for the students enrolled in the school.

2. The petitioners are demonstrably unlikely to successfully implement the program set forth in the petition.

3. The petition does not contain an affirmation of each of the conditions described in Education Code 47605(d).

4. The petition does not contain reasonably comprehensive descriptions of the charter provisions in Education Code 47605(b).

5. The charter school has failed to meet academic performance criteria specified by the CDE and SBE. The CDE and the SBE are in the process of developing a new accountability system to replace the API to better measure our State's educational goals. The criteria is expected to be approved and implemented in the 17/18 school year. Those criteria, which are tied to the LCAP, will include at minimum:

a. Progress of English learners toward English language proficiency (Priority 4);

b. High school graduation rate (if applicable) (Priority 5);

c. Suspension rates by LEA type (elementary, high and unified), and by school type (elementary, middle, and high) (Priority 6);

d. College and Career Indicator, which combines grade 11 test scores on English Language Arts and math and other measures of college and career readiness (Priorities 7 and 8);

e. Academic indicator for student test scores on ELA and math for grades 3-8, that includes results from the second year of Smarter Balances tests (Priority 4);

f. The accountability tool that is in development the evaluation rubrics will support all LEAs and schools by showing student performance on the state and local performance indicators and by highlighting disparities among student groups on those indictors. The evaluation rubrics will have a web-based user interface that will hold a series of data display and reports through which the information contained in the rubrics can be accessed and viewed.

Timelines for Board Action

Within 30 days of receiving the renewal petition, the Board shall hold a public hearing to review documentation submitted by the charter school and obtain public input.

Within 60 days of receiving the renewal petition, or within 90 days if extended by mutual written agreement of the Board and the charter school, the Board shall either grant or deny the request to renew the charter. (Education Code 47607; 5 CCR 11966.4)

If the Board fails to make a written factual finding pursuant to items #1-5 in the section "Criteria for Granting or Denying Renewal" above within the required time period, the absence of a written factual finding shall be deemed an approval of the renewal petition. (5 CCR 11966.4)

The County Superintendent or designee shall provide notification to the California Department of Education, within 10 calendar days of the Board's action, whenever a renewal of the charter is granted or denied. (Education Code 47604.32; 5 CCR 11962.1)

If the Board denies a renewal petition, the charter school may submit the petition to the State Board of Education. (Education Code 47605, 47607.5)

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adopted: May 14, 2018 Sonora, California