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The Candidate for the Resource Specialist Certificate Shall Demonstrate the Skills, Knowledge and Performance Competencies Identified for Each of the   

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(a) The Consulting Function.

(1) Provide consultant services to regular classroom teachers in the identification and assessment of learning and behavioral patterns in pupils.

(2) Consultation and assistance in the utilization of evaluation data for the modification of instruction and curriculum.

(3) Provide consultation services in the application of classroom management techniques.

(4) Provide consultant services as to resources appropriate to individuals with exceptional needs to regular staff members, Parents and guardians.

(5) Consult in the development of pre-vocational and/or vocational plans for individuals with exceptional needs.

(6) Consult with regular classroom teachers and students as to their acceptance of students with exceptional needs.

(b) The Coordination Function.

(1) Coordinate referral and assessment procedures.

(2) Assist in the coordination of the individualized Education Program Team meeting.

(3) Coordinate instructional planning; i.e., the development and implementation of Individualized Educational Programs for individuals with exceptional needs.

(4) Coordinate the implementation of special education services provided individuals with exceptional needs.

(5) Assist in the coordination of Designated Instruction and Services.

(6) Coordinate the collection of relevant information for those students referred to the Individualized Education Program Team.

(7) Coordinate the organization and distribution of special education media and materials for both resource and regular classrooms.

(8) Coordinate individualized instruction and activities of the Resource Specialist Program with regular classroom curriculum.

(9) Coordinate special education inservice workshops and workshops for staff and/or parents.

(10) Coordinate follow-up activities to insure service delivery to all individuals with exceptional needs.

(c) Functions Related to the Implementation of Laws, Regulations and Other Compliance Requirements.

(1) Schedule and monitor Referral Procedures in accordance with legal requirements.

(2) Monitor the development of Individualized Educational Programs, and conduct review meetings in accordance with legal requirements.

(3) Process all information leading to approval of services by child's parent or guardian.

(4) Provide leadership for assuring full compliance with legal requirements.

(d) Staff Development and Inservice Education Function.

(1) The utilization of systematic observations for referral to the Individualized Education program.

(2) The understanding and interpretation of appropriate assessment tools.

(3) The selection and modification of appropriate instructional methods and materials.

(4) The application of classroom environment and behavior management techniques.

(5) The enhancement of social and emotional development of exceptional individuals within the educational environment of the regular classroom.

(e) Skills Related to the Parent Education Function.

(1) Provide parents with basic knowledge of assessment procedures and instrumentations, and how to utilize the information.

(2) Provide parents with basic understanding of remedial methods and techniques as they relate to their own child's program.

(3) Provide parents with basic home enrichment and home management techniques designed to meet the needs of their child.

(4) Counsel parents in areas related to their child's abilities, including strengths and weaknesses; as well as to the child's needs and goals, including career and vocational planning alternatives.

(5) Provide parents with information as to effective utilization of community resources.

(6) Assist in planning of parent education workshops.

(f) The Instructional Function: Instructional competencies are already satisfied through the possession of a Basic Teaching Credential and/or a Special Education Credential.

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