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Language, Speech and Hearing Development and Remediation   

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(a) Language, Speech and Hearing Development and Remediation services include:

(1) Referral and assessment of individuals suspected of having a disorder of language, speech, or hearing. Such individuals are not considered as part of the caseload pursuant to Education Code section 56363.3 unless an IEP is developed and services are provided pursuant to sections 3051.1(a)(2) and (3).

(2) Specialized instruction and services for individuals with disorders of language, speech, and hearing, including monitoring of pupil progress on a regular basis, providing information for the review, and when necessary participating in the review and revision of IEPs of pupils.

(3) Consultative services to pupils, parents, teachers, or other school personnel.

(4) Coordination of speech and language services with an individual's regular and special education program.

(b) Caseloads of full-time equivalent language, speech and hearing specialists providing instruction and services within the district, SELPA, or county office shall not exceed a district-wide, SELPA-wide, or county-wide average of 55 individuals unless prior written approval has been granted by the SSPI.

(c) Language and speech development and remediation shall be provided only by personnel who possess:

(1) a license in Speech-Language Pathology issued by a licensing agency within the Department of Consumer Affairs; or

(2) a credential authorizing language or speech services.

(d) Services may also be provided by speech-language pathology assistants working under the direct supervision of a qualified language, speech, and hearing specialist, as defined in Business and Professions Code section 2530.2(i), and if specified in the IEP. No more than two assistants may be supervised by one qualified language, speech, and hearing specialist. The caseloads of persons in subdivision (b) shall not be increased by the use of assistants.

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(Amended by Register 2014, No. 19.)