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Local Plans; Special Education   

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In developing a local plan under Section 56195.1, each district shall do the following:

(a) Involve special and general teachers selected by their peers and parents selected by their peers in an active role.

(b) Cooperate with the county office and other districts in the geographic areas in planning its option under Section 56195.1 and each fiscal year, notify the department, impacted special education local plan areas, and participating county offices of its intent to elect an alternative option from those specified in Section 56195.1, at least one year before the proposed effective date of the implementation of the alternative plan.

(c) Cooperate with the county office to assure that the local plan is compatible with other local plans in the county, including the local control and accountability plans adopted for the district and the county board of education, and any county plan of a contiguous county.

(d) Submit to the county office for review any local plan developed under subdivision (a) or (b) of Section 56195.1.

(Amended by Stats. 2018, Ch. 32, Sec. 91.)