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Student Organizations And Equal Access   

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Active Teens Against Cancer Constitution

Article 1: Purpose of the Club

The purpose of the ATAC Club is to be a support and comfort group to ones who have faced cancer within their family and loved ones, a foundation to raise money for cancer research and be able to spread cancer awareness throughout the school. The club will provide a safe and friendly environment for those who have struggled with knowing the feeling of having someone they know battle cancer.

Article 2: Club Officers

Article 2A: The club officers shall include a president, two vice-presidents, a secretary, two treasurers and a fundraiser.

Article 2B: Club officers will be elected at the last meeting of the end of the previous school year.

Artlcle2C: An office term may not exceed one school year, but an officer may be re­ elected.

Article 3: Duties of the Officers

Article 3A: Duties of the president shall include, but are not limited to, taking responsibility for the clubs actions, organizing and leading all of the meetings, carrying out activities such as planning the food fairs, field trips, special events, and abiding by the constitution.

Article 3B: Duties of the vice-presidents shall include, but are not limited to, assisting the presidents in carrying out their duties, take hold of club if the president is unable to fulfill their assigned duties or if the president is unavailable and abiding by the constitution.

Article 3C: Duties of the secretaries shall include, but are not limited to, keeping track and records of all meetings, preparing a club roster, creating announcements and fliers notifying all club members, and abiding by the constitution.

Article 3D: Duties of the treasurer shall include but are not limited to, collecting and accounting for paid dues, handling money for and at events, keeping current

Article 3E: Duties of the fundraiser shall include, but are not limited to, contacting places and Individuals and informing them about the club and its purpose, creating ideas to raise money for the club. That will mean securing sponsors.

Article 4: Qualifications for Membership

Article 4A: Any student who is enrolled at ABC School and has an interest in fighting against the scare of cancer by raising money for research, supporting others who have dealt with cancer within their families or know someone who has and want to spread awareness throughout the school is eligible for a membership.

Article 4B: The student shall participate by attending meetings and activities, fundraising, and contributing ideas to the club.

Article 5: Dues

Article 5A: To be considered a member of the ATAC Club, no entrance fee will be required but donations will be accepted to start our fund which will help for team t-shirts, cancer research (Relay for Life) and other school activities.

Article 6: Meetings

Article 6A: Meetings shall be scheduled by the club president and approved by the club officers. The meetings will be every Thursday unless planned otherwise or when deemed as necessary for important and upcoming events and activities.

Article 7: Amendments to the Constitution

Article 7A: An amendment may be passed if it is turned into the club president, then the club advisor and officers will consider and vote of the amendment. If the majority rules, the amendment will be added to the constitution.


version: April 10, 2014 Santa Clara, California