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Homework/Makeup Work   

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Guidelines for Formulation Homework

1. Appropriate homework assignments include practice or enrichment activities, research or individual study projects, reading in preparation for class, and review for unit tests and examinations. Principals and teachers will work collaboratively so that every reasonable attempt will be made to balance the number of papers, assessments and projects that are due on any given day.

2. Homework should be based on student's needs, abilities, individual skills and/or interests.

3. Homework guidelines should be clearly communicated to students and parents/guardians.

Guidelines for Assigning Homework

1. Teachers should assign reasonable amounts of homework in relation to the age and ability of the students, the requirements of the class, and the purpose of the assignment. Long-term assignments should have intermediate checks by the teacher. In addition to the minimum 20 minutes of reading the following guidelines are suggested and based on students developing regular practice to reinforce classroom learning.

Kindergarten No more than 10 minutes 2 days per week

Grade 1 10-20 minutes 2-3 days per week

Grade 2 10-20-minutes 3-4 days per week

Grade 3 15-25 minutes 3-4 days per week

Grade 4 30-40 minutes 4 days per week

Grade 5 30-50 minutes 4 days per week

Grade 6-8 30-60 total minutes per day 4-5 days per week

Grade 9-12 8-10 hours per week total

2. The school principal or designee shall be responsible for coordinating the school's homework practices so that assignments are balanced with respect to amounts given in any one day and in any particular subject area.

Guidelines for Evaluation Homework

1. Written homework shall be evaluated for accuracy and/or completeness across interdisciplinary lines, and that evaluation may be included in the grading process.

2. Other types of homework, such as reading, reviewing for tests and examinations, and other home learning experiences, should be acknowledged and/or reviewed and should serve to enhance student achievement in class.

3. All students are encouraged to read a minimum of 20 minutes per day beyond assigned homework.


approved: October 17, 1966 Santa Clara, California

revised: June 27, 1984

revised: July 24, 2008

revised: April 24, 2014

revised: January 25, 2018