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Santa Clara USD |  AR  6141.2  Instruction

Recognition Of Religious Beliefs And Customs   

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Staff shall make every effort to schedule one-time events, such as examinations, school-sponsored trips, special laboratories, picture-taking days and class parties, to minimize conflicts with major religious holidays of all faiths.

(cf. 6111 - School Calendar)

Programs and Exhibits

When school programs and exhibits are in any way related to instruction about religion or religious holidays, the following guidelines shall be observed:

1. The principal or designee shall ensure that school-sponsored programs are presented in an objective manner, consistent with Board policy.

2. The principal or designee shall be kept informed of the program's development.

3. Program or exhibit planners shall take into consideration the diverse religious faiths represented in the community, student body and staff.


approved: April 24, 2014 Santa Clara, California