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School Health Services   

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WHEREAS, the Governing Board of the Santa Clara Unified School District recognizes that good health is a prerequisite to optimal learning and that absenteeism among students is clearly associated with school failure; and

WHEREAS, health is defined in a broad sense as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity; and

WHEREAS, health services are an important element of a comprehensive approach to promoting health and preventing disease and disability in children and youth; and

WHEREAS, access to regular medical care is improved through health insurance, inasmuch as children without health insurance are less likely to have a family doctor, receive timely preventive care, and receive medical treatment; and

WHEREAS, nearly one in five of California's children has no health care coverage, and nearly one in five children without health care coverage do not receive necessary medical treatment for a chronic illness that was serious enough to keep the child from functioning in school; and

WHEREAS, families have a variety of options for health care coverage, including but not limited to California's low-cost Healthy Families program, no-cost Medi-Cal for Children program and local county health initiatives such as Healthy Kids, which provide comprehensive health, dental and vision care coverage to low-income, uninsured children under 19 years of age who represent the state's most vulnerable population; and

WHEREAS, after one year of coverage in the Healthy Families program, California children in the poorest health significantly improved their health, missed less school and improved their school performance; and

WHEREAS, schools can help students achieve academic success by participating in efforts that promote good health and have already demonstrated their commitment to students' health through the institution of such programs as Healthy Start and after-school programs, early care and education programs, school-based/school-linked health services, child nutrition services, school readiness, counseling services, and immunization programs; and

WHEREAS, children's access to health care services requires collaboration with local agencies and community-based organizations so that, through the shared responsibility and collective action of schools, local agencies and/or community-based organizations, we can ensure positive outcomes for our children and youth;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of the Santa Clara Unified School District will work to improve children's health, thereby improving their academic performance, by helping to ensure that all children have health insurance coverage. To this end, the district will participate in outreach and enrollment efforts related to California's low-cost Healthy Families Program, no-cost Medi-Cal for Children, and other affordable health programs including local county health initiatives such as Healthy Kids. This will help assure optimal learning for every child by addressing children's health problems and maximizing school attendance.

PASSED AND ADOPTED THIS ______ day of ___________, ________ at a regular meeting, by the following vote:

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version: February 13, 2014 Santa Clara, California