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Indistrict Open Enrollment/School Of Choice   

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Elementary schools receiving requests for admission shall give priority for attendance to:

1. Siblings of students who are enrolled at the school at the time of open enrollment.

2. Students currently attending the school through Overload process and who apply for Open Enrollment during designated Open Enrollment windows.

3. The children of employees who work at the school.

4. The children of other employees.

Secondary schools receiving requests for admission shall give priority for attendance to:

1. Siblings of students who are enrolled at the school at the time of open enrollment.

2. The children of employees who work at the school.

3. The children of other employees.

4. Siblings of graduates of the school, as long as the family continues to live within the SCUSD boundaries.

As long as the employee privilege remains in place, siblings of employees' children attending district schools will be afforded the same priority status as resident siblings.

Siblings of students accepted to a school may benefit from sibling status as long as they had applied for Open Enrollment at or prior to the time that an application was filed for the sibling.

Families who voluntarily disenroll or are involuntarily disenrolled from their Open Enrollment school relinquish the sibling priority right to attend the school of choice.

A student may be given priority for attendance outside his/her current attendance area when special circumstances exist that may be harmful or dangerous to that particular student. Harmful or dangerous special circumstances shall be identified pursuant to law and administrative regulations. (BP 5116.1).

Once accepted for Open Enrollment, and the parent/guardian has completed the enrollment process within the specified two-week time period, a student shall not have to apply for readmission to that school. The school accepting the Open Enrollment, in essence, becomes the student's home school for the duration of the time that the student remains at any grade level housed at that school. Students seeking to return to their neighborhood school must then apply to return under the Open Enrollment policy or through the Intra-District Transfer process. (BP 5116.1)


The district shall not provide transportation for Open Enrollment students to attend their school of choice.

Selection Procedures

1. The Superintendent or designee shall identify those schools, which may have space available for additional students. Open enrollment applications shall be available on-line on the district website.

2. All students who submit applications to the district, during the annual open enrollment period; shall be eligible for admission to their school of choice the following school year under the district's open enrollment policy. Applications received after the deadline may be considered if further openings exist. Twins applying to the same school must apply for both students in order for both students to receive a lottery number. Should one twin be admitted, space allowing, the other twin will be the next student admitted.

3. Enrollment in a school of choice shall be determined by lot from the eligible applicant pool, and a waiting list shall be established to indicate the order in which students may be accepted as openings occur during the year. Late applicants may be added to the waiting list in the order in which they apply.

4. The Superintendent or designee shall inform applicants by mail as to whether their applications have been approved, denied, or placed on a waiting list. If the application is denied, the reasons for denial shall be stated.

5. Applicants who receive approval must confirm their enrollment within two weeks. Any complaints regarding the selection process should be taken to the Superintendent or designee.

6. Admission to a particular school shall not be influenced by a student's academic or athletic performance except insofar as academic standards are required for admission to specialized schools or programs such as programs for gifted and talented students. Such standards shall be uniformly applied to all students.

High Schools

Through the Open Enrollment process, students may request to attend the high school other than the one in their area of residence. Approval of Open Enrollment requests will be by lottery, and the number of requests that will be granted shall be governed by the desire to balance high school enrollment. A waiting list will be established, and enrollments will be offered in the order in which they exist on the waiting list. This will include students who make the transfer request through an Intra District Transfer Request (BP 5116.1). Special circumstances will be considered by the Superintendent or his designee.


Notifications shall be sent to parents/guardians at the beginning of each school year describing all current statutory attendance options and local attendance options available in the district including:

1. All options for meeting residency requirements for school attendance.

2. Program options offered within local attendance areas.

3. A description of any special program options available on both an Intradistrict Transfer Request (BP 5116.1), the In District Open Enrollment/School of Choice program (BP 5116.11) as well as through the Program Improvement Open Enrollment Transfer program (BP 5118).

4. A description of the procedure for application for alternative attendance areas or programs and the appeals process available, if any, when a change of attendance is denied.

5. A district application form for requesting a change of attendance.

6. The explanation of attendance options under California law as provided by the California Department of Education. (Education Code 48980)


approved: March 19, 1994 Santa Clara, California

revised: December 12, 1996

revised: April 5, 2005

revised: November 9, 2006

revised: December 12, 2013

revised: October 10, 2019