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Health Examinations   

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Tuberculosis Tests

No applicant shall be initially employed in a classified or certificated position unless, within the past 60 days, he/she has submitted to an intradermal tuberculin skin test or other approved tuberculin test and, if that test was positive, has subsequently obtained an x-ray of the lungs. The applicant shall submit to the district a certificate signed by an authorized health care provider indicating that he/she is free of active tuberculosis. (Education Code 49406; 5 CCR 5503)

The cost of the pre-employment tuberculosis examination shall be paid by the applicant.

An applicant who was previously employed in another California school district or private or parochial school may fulfill the tuberculosis examination requirement either by producing a certificate showing that he/she was examined within the last four years and found to be free of active tuberculosis or by having his/her previous employer verify that it has on file a certificate which contains that evidence. (Education Code 49406)

Every district employee who tests negative shall undergo a tuberculosis examination at least once every four years, or more often if so directed by the Governing Board upon recommendation of the county health officer, for as long as the employee's test remains negative. An employee with a documented positive test for tuberculosis infection shall no longer be required to submit to the examination but shall be referred to the county health officer within 30 days of the examination to determine the need for follow-up care. (Education Code 49406)

Tuberculosis tests for employees shall be provided by the district or at district expense. (Education Code 44839, 45122, 49406)

If an employee's religious belief prevents him/her from undergoing a tuberculosis examination, the employee shall file an affidavit stating that he/she adheres to the faith or teachings of a well-recognized religious sect, denomination, or organization and, in accordance with its creed, tenets, or principles, depends for healing upon prayer in the practice of religion and that, to the best of his/her knowledge or belief, he/she is free from active tuberculosis. In order to exempt the individual, the Board shall determine by resolution, after a hearing, that the health of students would not be jeopardized. (Education Code 49406)

The Superintendent or designee may exempt a pregnant employee from the requirement that a positive tuberculin skin test be followed by an x-ray of the lungs, for a period not to exceed 60 days following termination of the pregnancy. (Education Code 49406)

Medical Certification for Communicable Diseases for Certificated Employees

The Board shall not fill a position requiring certification with an applicant who has not previously been employed in a certificated position in California or a retirant who has not been employed as a retirant, unless the district has on file a medical certification completed and submitted directly to the district by an authorized health care provider. (Education Code 44839, 44839.5)

(cf. 4117.14/4317.14 - Postretirement Employment)

The medical certification shall certify that the applicant or retirant is free from any disabling disease which would render him/her unfit to instruct or associate with children. The medical examination referred to in the certificate must have been conducted within six months of the date that the certificate is filed. (Education Code 44839, 44839.5; 5 CCR 5503)

(cf. 4119.41/4219.41/4319.41 - Employees with Infectious Disease)

Applicants and retirants shall pay for the cost of obtaining the medical certification. (Education Code 44849, 44839.5)

The Board may require certificated employees and/or retirants to undergo, at district expense, a periodic medical examination pursuant to Education Code 44839 or 44839.5 to determine that they are free from any communicable disease making them unfit to instruct or associate with children. (Education Code 44839, 44839.5)

Mental Examination for Certificated Employees

A certificated employee may be suspended or transferred to other duties if the Board has reasonable cause to believe that the employee is suffering from mental illness of such a degree as to render him/her incompetent to perform his/her duties. In such a case, the district shall follow the process specified in Education Code 44942 and the district's collective bargaining agreement, including the opportunity for the employee to be examined by a panel of psychiatrists or psychologists.

(cf. 4032 - Reasonable Accommodation)

(cf. 4118 - Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

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approved: August 22, 2013 Santa Clara, California