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Student Activity Funds   

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The Superintendent's regulations concerning school activity funds, as authorized in Board Policy 3452, are contained in a separate document entitled Associated Student Body Accounting and Procedural Manual.

Limitations on Donation of Student Body Funds

Student body funds, which are public money cannot be donated. Under certain criteria student body funds for charitable donation may only be made from legitimate private money. When all of the criteria listed below are met, this money is considered to be non-associated student body funds and is not public money. However, if conditions are not adhered to, money collected will become student body public money and may not be used for charitable donations.

All of the following criteria must be met:

1. Proof must be available to verify that the proposed beneficiary is a legitimate charitable organization (obtain from Attorney General website at

2. The Board appointed designee (usually the Assistant Superintendent of Business) must approve all private money fundraising.

3. The Student Council must give prior approval for collection and expenditure of private money (include a line item in the budget for charitable fundraising and record approval of the private money donation in the minutes).

4. The Administrator must approve the fundraiser in writing on the ASB Fundraiser form, with proper signatures and information due prior to the start of any fundraising event.

5. Contact the Student Body Administrator/Advisor/Coordinator prior to any collections for guidance in following required district policies and internal control procedures.

6. Public Notice must be given before beginning any private money fundraiser to identify the intended use of the proceeds (be specific); that collections are exclusively for that purpose; that they will be held in trust by the school district until disbursed; all publicity must state this information.

7. Student body private money must be held in a Trust Account within the Associated Student Body (ASB) Program Fund.

8. Documentation for receipt of any donations is essential. Follow district procedures regarding cash receipting, depositing (intact as received), record keeping, inventory control and final reconciliation.

9. Approval for payment of the proceeds must be in writing. Attach a copy to each purchase order requisition or voucher as back-up documentation for payments made through the accounts payable process.

10. Charitable Fundraising is a private activity; school district funds may not be used to offset, front-fund or pre-pay expenses including start-up costs. The district is to be compensated for any direct costs associated with the fundraiser.

11. The transfer of public funds to a private money account is not allowed nor can money be transferred to a public money account from a private money account.

12. Money collected must be disbursed or spent as advertised.


approved: February 9, 2012 Santa Clara, California

reviewed: July 1, 2013