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Santa Clara USD |  AR  3290  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Gifts, Grants And Bequests   

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The Assistant Superintendent for Business Services has been designated by the Superintendent to be responsible for the acceptance, processing, and stewardship of gifts, as well as the coordination of all fundraising activities for the district. The district greatly appreciates private support for public education. To be most effective and serve the best interests of the district, fundraising efforts must be related to the district purpose, mission, vision, and values; be carefully coordinated; and be aligned with the district's annual planning and evaluation processes.

Gift Solicitation

In order to ensure proper coordination, the Superintendent or designee must preapprove all gift solicitations of funds or property in the name of the district. This includes fundraising activities sponsored by school-connected organizations and by Associated Student Body organizations or by other student groups. The purpose of coordinating all fundraising activities through the Superintendent or designee includes:

1. Avoidance of conflict and duplication or efforts in the fundraising programs.

2. Maximization of the contributions from each donor.

3. Continuity for understanding and supporting funding needs throughout the district.

4. Proper acknowledgement of gifts

5. Maintenance of accurate records of all gifts

6. Proper accounting of all contributions received through a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to undertake fundraising and solicitation activities. Anyone who seeks to engage in any fundraising activity in the name of the district or district schools from individuals, business, industry, foundations, community organizations, or others must follow the guidelines set forth in this policy. This includes approval by the Superintendent or designee of any written documents, mailing lists, and other related documents used for solicitation.

Before pursuing formal discussions with any potential donor for gifts in excess of $50,000 for support of the district or district schools, approval is required from the Superintendent or designee.

Gift Acceptance

All gifts to the district will be accepted and processed by the Business Office. The following procedures shall apply:

1. The purpose for which the gift is given must be consistent with the stated purpose, goals, objectives, and educational philosophy of the district.

2. All gifts must be within IRS regulations governing charitable contributions and cannot be restricted for the donor's direct benefit.

3. No gift shall be accepted with an intent that is so restrictive as to make the gift's use unnecessarily difficult.

4. The nature of the gift, the identity of the donor, and the kind of program that the gift is intended to support must be carefully evaluated.

5. The cost of accepting a noncash gift must be considered in advance (i.e. delivery, storage, permanent installation, operation, and maintenance).

6. lf district funds are needed to secure, store and/or install, operate, or maintain the gift, these funds must be requested and obtained before accepting the gift.

7. Non-cash donations valued over $1,000 (art, furniture, equipment, etc.) must be approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services before acceptance.

8. Prior to the acceptance of any equipment or supply item, the donation shall be referred to the Maintenance and Operations Department, and the donation shall not be accepted without their approval

Santa Clara Schools Foundation

Depending on circumstances, some gifts and solicitations may be better directed to or through the Santa Clara Schools Foundation, an IRS 501 (c)(3) non-profit and district approved school-connected organization formed in 1992 to help enrich the education of the students in the district by funding programs, projects, scholarships, and citizenship awards. The Foundation is not supported by taxpayer dollars and donations are tax deductible. The Foundation raises money through fundraisers and donations from parents, teachers, corporations, and other community members.

Board Acceptance of Gifts

The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services will report to the district's Board the gifts offered for the benefit of the district for acceptance by the board.

An indirect cost rate shall not be applied to local donation accounts, unless the indirect cost rate was included in a memorandum of understanding approved by the Governing Board.


approved: February 9, 2012 Santa Clara, California

Reviewed: July 11, 2013