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Santa Clara USD |  AR  1321  Community Relations

Solicitation Of Funds From And By Students   

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The Superintendent or designee shall approve all fund-raising activities at least 30 days before the activity. If the event involves a contract with a commercial vendor, the Superintendent or designee shall review the contract. The Superintendent or designee may waive the 30 days approval requirement in the event of an emergency.

In order to minimize interruptions to the educational program, staff shall limit fund-raising activities to appropriate time periods designated by the principal.

(cf. 6116 - Classroom Interruptions)

No student shall be required to raise a specified amount of money in order to participate in an activity sponsored by a school-related organization.

(cf. 1230 - School-Connected Organizations)

The principal or designee shall ensure that letters are sent to parents/guardians regarding all fund-raising events.

All fund-raising activities must be concluded within the duration of school days unless special provisions are made with the Superintendent or designee.

Students engaged in fund-raising activities on behalf of the school or for school-related projects are expected to be courteous and respectful towards all individuals and businesses.

Door-to-Door Sales

Students under 16 years old may engage in door-to-door sales of newspaper or magazine subscriptions, candy, cookies, flowers or other merchandise only under the following conditions:

1. The students shall work in pairs, as a team, on the same or opposite side of the street. (8 CCR 11706)

2. The students shall be supervised by an adult, with one adult for every crew of 10 or fewer students. (8 CCR 11706)

3. The students must be within the sight or sound of their adult supervisor at least once every 15 minutes. (8 CCR 11706)

4. The students shall be returned to their respective homes or meeting places after each day's work. (8 CCR 11706)

5. The students shall not engage in door-to-door sales after dark.

6. The students shall not work outside of their immediate neighborhood.

7. Students in grades K-5 shall not be involved in any door-to-door sales or solicitations.

High school students participating in approved solicitations for funds by school-connected or school-sponsored organizations shall adhere to local city and county ordinances regarding door-to-door sales. Such ordinances require the following information be submitted to the Santa Clara Police Department and the Santa Clara County Sheriff's office.

1. Purpose of the proposed solicitation and use to which any contribution will be devoted.

2. The name of the organization on whose behalf contributions are to be solicited and names of principal officers and advisors.

3. If solicitations are conducted within the City of Santa Clara, a permit must be obtained from the Santa Clare Police Department. For solicitations in unincorporated areas, a letter must be on files with the sheriff's office.


approved: February 9, 2012 Santa Clara, California

revised: September 12, 2013