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Santa Clara USD |  BP  0420.3  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

School-Based Student Motivation And Maintenance Program   

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The Governing Board believes that the staff at each school site should make every effort to identify potential dropouts and use every available resource to encourage these students to earn a high school diploma.

To encourage the flexible coordination of categorical programs at each school for this purpose, the Superintendent or designee shall give all district principals information about the School Based Pupil Motivation and Maintenance Program. (Education Code 54720) This information shall be shared with staff, parents/guardians and secondary students.

Before beginning to develop a school-based motivation and maintenance plan, a school site council shall be established to consider whether to participate in the program. All interested parties shall have the opportunity to meet in public to establish this site council. Any existing school-wide advisory group may be used as the site council if its membership conforms to that specified in Education Code 54724.

Should the site council decide to participate in a motivation and maintenance program, it shall develop a plan for increasing the school's retention rate. This plan shall include, but is not limited to:

1. A staff development program

The program shall include training, which helps staff to identify and respond appropriately to risk-taking behavior of youth.

2. Student study teams

Student study teams shall identify dropouts and potential dropouts, assess their needs and develop programs to meet those needs. Each student study team shall include:

a. The student identified as a dropout or potential dropout

b. The student's parents or guardians

c. One of the student's teachers; for dropouts, a teacher who would have been one of the student's teachers

d. The principal or designee

e. Other appropriate resource teachers or specialists

f. When appropriate, representatives of business, industry, community organizations, or law enforcement agencies

3. Procedures for coordinating currently funded services so as to help students succeed in academic and job-related subjects

4. Instructional and related services for students highly at risk of failing in the regular program or dropping out, and for the educationally disadvantaged, the gifted and talented, and those with exceptional needs. For non- or limited-English-speaking students, services shall include instruction in the language that they understand

5. Provisions to identify and remedy learning problems early in the elementary years

6. Emphasis on literacy and basic skills development

7. Emphasis on curriculum and teaching strategies that relate to job opportunities

8. A plan that uses and coordinates outreach consultants' skills and talents

9. Other activities and objectives established by the council

10. Proposed expenditures of available funds

The school site council shall annually establish a new budget and review its plan, changing it as necessary to reflect new needs and priorities. (Education Code 54726)

The plan and any revisions shall be approved by the Governing Board prior to implementation. (Education Code 54722)

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that funds coordinated in this program are used to supplement, not supplant, existing state and local funding. (Education Code 54725)

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adopted: March 8, 2001 Santa Clara, California

reviewed: August 22, 2013