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Subchapter 3. Calworks Stage 3 Child Care Program. Article 2. Requirements and Procedures for Receiving Calworks Stage 3 Services. Child Eligibility   

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(a) A child living in the household of an eligible family pursuant to section 18421 may receive CalWORKs Stage 3 child care services if she/he is:

(1) A son or daughter of the eligible family;

(2) Receiving foster care benefits, federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or State Supplemental Program (SSP) benefits; or

(3) The responsibility of the adult to support and for whom the lack of child care would result in the adult not being able to work or participate in a work activity.

(b) The child must be:

(1) Under 13 years of age; or

(2) A child with exceptional needs as defined in Education Code section 8208(l).

(c) When a child's residence alternates between the homes of separated or divorced parents, eligibility, need, and fees should be determined separately for each household in which the child is residing during the time child care services are needed.

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(Amended by Register 2012, No. 44.)