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Subchapter 2. Employment Of Minors In The Entertainment Industry. Article 1. Motion Picture Industries. Procedure for Obtaining Entertainment Work Permit by Minor.   

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(a) A minor desiring to be employed in the entertainment industry must obtain an Entertainment Work Permit. The application for permit can be obtained at any of the Division's District offices. The minor must provide the information called for on the application, to-wit: his/her name, age, birth date, address, sex, height, weight and color of hair and eyes. In addition, such minor must obtain verification in writing from the appropriate school district of the minor's school record and attendance, and must satisfactorily meet the requirements of that school district with respect to age, school record, attendance and health. Such verification of school record and attendance and proof that the school district's requirements with respect to age, school record, attendance and health have been met must be filed with the Division, concurrently with the filing of the application. Such verification and proof may be in any form as provided by the school district if reasonably demonstrative of the information required to be furnished by this subsection. The Division may require in appropriate cases a physical examination of the minor to ensure that the minor's physical condition permits the minor to perform the work or activity called for by the Permit to Employ Minor and Entertainment Work Permit.

(b) Upon the filing by a minor with the Division of a completed Application for Entertainment Work Permit satisfying the requirements of this Section, the Division shall issue an Entertainment Work Permit to such minor. Such permit shall permit the minor to work only under the conditions prescribed by these regulations and in conformity with all provisions of law governing the working hours, health, safety, morals and other conditions of employment of minors. The permit shall be for a period not to exceed six (6) months, and application for renewal must be made in the same manner and under the same conditions as the original permit.

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