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Legal Resources | Code of Regulations, Title 8 |    11701  

Subchapter 1. Child Labor Orders - Prohibited Occupations.Article 1. Prohibited Occupations. Prohibited Occupations.   

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The following occupations are sufficiently dangerous to the lives and limbs and injurious to the health and morals of children under 16 years of age to justify their exclusion therefrom:

(a) All occupations where such children come in close proximity to moving machinery.

(b) All building or construction work of any kind.

(c) Delivering goods, merchandise, commodities, papers or packages from motor vehicles.

Note: Sections 11701 to 11705, inclusive, issued under the authority contained in Section 1296, Labor Code. Source of Sections 11701 to 11705, inclusive, is the Rules and Regulations issued by the Division of Labor Law Enforcement.