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Chapter 6.5. Motor Carrier Safety * Article 6. Carrier Requirements Intermodal Chassis Inspection Tags.   

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(1) Intermodal Chassis Inspection Tags. Any motor carrier operating from an ocean marine terminal and conducting the intermodal roadability inspection, as defined in Section 34505.9 of the Vehicle Code, shall affix a green tag to each intermodal chassis that has passed the inspection and a red tag to each chassis that has failed the inspection. The tags may be in a format provided by the department, PASS (10-04) or FAIL (10-04), or may be in carrier-provided format containing, at a minimum, the following information:

(1) The name of the inspector.

(2) The date and time the inspection took place.

(3) The result of the daily roadability inspection indicated by the term "pass" or "fail," as appropriate.

(4) The following statement inserted directly below the term "pass" or "fail:" "On the date noted, this intermodal chassis was inspected pursuant to the requirements of California Vehicle Code Section 34505.9, and found to be (defective) or (in compliance). (The following defects) or (No defects) were observed:"

(5) Additional information is permitted, provided it does not render the required information illegible.

(b) Minimum Dimensions. Intermodal chassis inspection tags shall be of a size not less than 5.5 inches in height by 8.5 inches in width.

(c) Placement and Durability of Tags. Intermodal chassis inspection tags shall be securely attached in a conspicuous location so as to be visible from the rear of the intermodal chassis and maintained by the motor carrier in a condition so that the format, legibility, color, and visibility will not be substantially reduced due to weather, deterioration, dirt, or other matter encountered incidental to transportation. The tag may be removed upon release of the chassis from the ocean marine terminal.

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(Added by Register 2004, No. 44.)