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Subchapter 3.75. California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (Caaspp). Article 2. Achievement Tests and Any Primary Language Test. Administration.   

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(a) The CAASPP tests pursuant to Education Code section 60640 shall be administered, scored, transmitted, and/or returned by LEAs in accordance with the manuals or other instructions provided by the contractor or CDE for administering, scoring, transmitting, and/or returning the tests, unless specifically provided otherwise in this subchapter, including instructions for administering the test with universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations specified in sections 853.5 and 853.7. The procedures shall include, but are not limited to, those designed to ensure the uniform and standardized administration, and scoring of the tests to pupils, the security and integrity of the test content and test items, and the timely provision of all required pupil and school level information.

(b) The primary mode of administration of a CAASPP test shall be via a computing device, the use of an assessment technology platform, and the adaptive engine.

(c) If available, an LEA may utilize a paper-pencil version of any computer-based assessment (CBA) of the CAASPP assessment system, in accordance with Education Code section 60640(e), and if the LEA identifies the pupils that are unable to access the CBA version of the test.

(d) Interim assessments and formative assessment tools shall be made available to LEA(s) for use. Use of interim assessments and formative assessment tools shall not be considered advance preparation for a CAASPP test as defined in Education Code section 60611. LEAs that use interim assessments and/or formative assessment tools shall abide by the consortium/contractor(s) administration and use requirements. Any scoring of any performance tasks for the interim assessment is the responsibility of the LEA.

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