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Chapter 39. School Employer Retirement Investment Product Vendor Registration Process and Information Bank   

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A prospective vendor of 403(b) products that offers those products, or the products of other 403(b) vendors, to employers and their eligible employees, shall register those products with the board pursuant to this chapter. Registered vendors shall offer only registered 403(b) products as funding vehicles for 403(b) plans.

(a) Prospective vendors shall be registered with the board based upon a complete response to the disclosures required by this subdivision. This information shall be included in the impartial investment information bank established pursuant to Section 25104. The prospective vendors shall provide the following information:

(1) A statement of experience in California and in other states in providing retirement annuities, custodial account mutual fund arrangements, or other retirement products and related financial services under public employer retirement plans.

(2) A characterization by the vendor of its offering as either an annuity or custodial account, as defined under Sections 403(b)(1) and 403(b)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code, respectively.

(3) A disclosure of all expenses paid directly or indirectly by retirement plan participants, including, but not limited to, penalties for early withdrawals, declining or fixed withdrawal charges, surrender or deposit charges, management fees, and annual fees, supported by documentation as required for prospectus disclosure by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Vendors shall be required to provide information regarding the impact of product fees upon a hypothetical investment, as described in Section 25104.

(4) The types of products, product features, including presence of two tier annuity features, services offered to participants, and information about how to access product prospectuses or other relevant product information.

(5) A discussion of the ability, experience, and commitment of the vendor to provide retirement counseling and education services, including, but not limited to, access to group meetings and individual counseling by various means, including telephone and telecommunications devices for the deaf (TDD), Internet, and face-to-face consultations by registered representatives.

(6) A statement of the financial strength and stability of the vendor, as may be applicable, by identifying its ratings assigned by nationally recognized rating services that evaluate the financial strength of life insurance, mutual funds, and other similar companies.

(7) The location of offices and counselors, or method of distribution, of the vendor relative to serving employers and their eligible employees in California.

(8) A description of the ability of the vendor to comply with all applicable provisions of federal and state law governing retirement plans, including minimum distribution requirements and contribution limits.

(9) To the extent applicable, the demonstrated ability of the vendor to offer an appropriate array of accumulation funding options, including, but not limited to, a diversified mix of value, growth, growth and income, hybrid and index funds or accounts across large, mid, and small capitalization asset classes, both domestic and international. These investment products may include mutual funds, group or individual annuity contracts, fixed or variable annuity contracts, individual retirement annuities, interests in trust and collective trusts, separate accounts, and other financial instruments.

(10) A discussion of the range of administrative and customer services provided, including asset allocation, accounting and administration of benefits for individual participants, recordkeeping for individual participants, asset purchase, control, and safekeeping, execution of a participant?s instructions as to asset and contribution allocation, calculation of daily net asset values, direct access for participants to their account information, periodic reporting to active participants, not less than quarterly, on their account balances and transactions, and compliance with the standard of care applicable in the provision of investment services and consistent with federal law.

(11) Certification by the vendor that the information provided to the board accurately reflects the provisions of the Section 403(b) products they register pursuant to this chapter.

(b) Registration may not be conditioned upon the content of the information.

(c) Vendors shall supply information and data in the format required by the board.

(Amended by Stats. 2013, Ch. 558, Sec. 51.)