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California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress   

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(a) By November 1, 2014, the department shall identify and make available to school districts information regarding existing assessments in language arts and mathematics that are aligned to the common core academic content standards adopted pursuant to Section 60605.8 and appropriate for pupils in grade 2 for diagnostic use by classroom teachers. The purpose of these assessments shall be to aid teachers and to gain information about the developing language arts and computational skills of pupils in grade 2.

(b) The savings realized from the elimination of the grade 2 standards-based achievement testing shall be used by local educational agencies to administer the assessments identified pursuant to subdivision (a).

(c) The department shall ensure that the selected grade 2 diagnostic assessments are valid for purposes of identifying particular knowledge or skills a pupil has or has not acquired in order to inform instruction and make educational decisions. The selected grade 2 diagnostic assessments shall not be valid measures for purposes of pupil, personnel, or local educational agency accountability.

(Added by Stats. 2013, Ch. 479, Sec. 1.)