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Chapter 20. Beneficiary Designation   

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(a) A member of the Defined Benefit Program may designate a beneficiary to receive benefits payable under this part upon the member?s death. A beneficiary designation may not be made in derogation of a community property interest of a nonmember spouse, as defined by Section 25000.9, with respect to service or contributions credited under this part, unless the nonmember spouse has previously obtained an alternative order pursuant to Section 2610 of the Family Code.

(b) A member?s beneficiary designation for benefits payable under the Defined Benefit Program, including a designation made pursuant to Section 24300 or 24300.1, shall also apply to benefits payable under the Defined Benefit Supplement Program. A beneficiary designation shall be in writing on a form prescribed by the system and executed by the member.

(c) A beneficiary designation shall not be valid unless it is received in the system?s headquarters office prior to the member?s death.

(d) A member may change or revoke a beneficiary designation at any time by making a new designation pursuant to this section.

(e) This section is not applicable to the designation of an option beneficiary or an annuity beneficiary under this part.

(f) An option beneficiary may designate a death beneficiary who would, upon the death of the option beneficiary, be entitled to receive the option beneficiary?s accrued monthly allowance.

(Amended by Stats. 2013, Ch. 558, Sec. 18.)