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Subchapter 3.75. California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (Caaspp). Article 2. Achievement Tests and Any Primary Language Test. CAASPP Test Site Coordinator.   

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(a) At each test site, including, but not limited to, each elementary, middle, and high school or other grade-span designated school, each charter school, each court-school, each school or program operated by an LEA, and all other public programs serving pupils, inclusive, the superintendent of the LEA or the LEA CAASPP coordinator shall designate a CAASPP test site coordinator from among the employees of the LEA. The CAASPP test site coordinator, or the site principal or his or her designee, shall be available to the LEA CAASPP coordinator by telephone through September 30 of the following school year for purposes of resolving discrepancies or inconsistencies in materials or errors in reports.

(b) The CAASPP test site coordinator's responsibilities shall be those defined in the contractor's(s') and CDE's administrative manuals and documentation, and shall include, but are not limited to, overseeing the test site's preparation, coordination, training, registration, administration, security, and reporting of the CAASPP tests.

(c) The CAASPP test site coordinator shall be responsible for the training of test examiners, translators, proctors, and scribes.

(d) The CAASPP test site coordinator shall be responsible for ensuring that all designated supports, accommodations and individualized aids are correctly entered into the registration system and provided to the pupil(s) identified to receive the designated supports and/or accommodations.

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