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Unauthorized Private Gain or Advantage.   

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A certificated person shall not:

(a) Use for his/her own private gain or advantage or to prejudice the rights or benefits of another person any confidential information relating to students or fellow professionals;

(b) Use for his/her own private gain or advantage the time, facilities, equipment, or supplies which is the property of his/her employer without the express or clearly implied permission of his/her employer,

(c)Accept any compensation or benefit or thing of value other than his/her regular compensation for the performance of any service which he/she is required

to render in the course and scope of his/her certificated employment. This rule shall not restrict performance of any overtime or supplemental services at the request of the school employer, nor shall it apply to or restrict the acceptance of gifts or tokens of minimal value offered and accepted openly from students, parents or other persons in recognition or appreciation of service.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(b)

Education Code 44339


Education Code 44345

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(Amended by Register 89, No. 9.)